bespoke Curtains

All our curtains are hand sewn, lined with interlining and a high-quality lining.  Interlining adds fullness and insulation, making the curtains hang beautifully and extending the life of your curtains. We offer a variety of headings from hand-sewn double pinch pleats, triple pinch or goblet pleats to the popular wave heading, cartridge pleats, inverted pleats or eyelet headings. 

We have an extensive choice of fabrics available by Olive & Daisy, Willis Bloom and Barnaby Gates in various designs, colours and fabrics such as linens, cotton and velvets if the colour is not quite right from any Willis Bloom fabric, let us know!  

The wonderful thing about bespoke curtains is that you can add decorative trimmings such as contrast tassels, pompoms or a fancy braid, the choice is endless and if you are not sure we are here to help!

Blackout lining is advised for bedrooms or any room to block out natural light. We have an excellent choice of black-out lining available in various colours, some being 100% black out.

We can advise and supply curtains, tracks and poles, please visit the Curtain Pole and Track page.

For advice on measuring your window for curtains, please follow our “How to measure” instructions, or just give us a call, and we are always happy to help.  

We can also advise on fabric choices, send out samples, and quantities and provide you with a no-obligation estimate.

For bespoke curtains, they will be delivered and installed, if requested, within a 60mile radius or by special arrangement. 

For made-to-measure service, curtains will be carefully wrapped and packaged and delivered by courier.

Four Easy steps

Follow our step-by-step process.

Select your fabric & headings

Your choice of fabric is the first step. On the fabric page, we have our most popular designs; however, we have many more you can choose from by clicking on the links mentioned on the fabric page.

Measure your windows

Select the style of your lampshade from our helpful guide If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We are always happy to help and assist wherever possible.

Request a quote

By using our online form, it is really easy to submit your curtain quote.  Please answer as fully as possible if you have any questions please contact us, again we are happy to help and advise.

Delivered and Fitted

Now it is a matter of waiting while we make your curtains.  Once ready, your order will be delivered by courier, perfectly wrapped and ready to hang in your home.  If you have any questions please contact us.

Choose Your curtain header

Choose from the following styles

Single pinch/cartridge pleat

Double pinch pleat

Triple pinch pleat



European pleat

Inverted pleat

Pencil pleat

Choose Your Trimmings & Poles

Add a personal touch

Complete the look

Add a matching item to complete the overall look.